NV Sparkling Brut


Riverlands, SA

When you want to celebrate for no reason at all, this is the bottle to pop. A lovely easy drinker, perfect for pleasing a crowd.

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About the Wine

Introducing our NV Sparkling Brut, a versatile and dry bubbly perfect for all occasions. No frills here – just clean, pleasing subtle fruit flavours of peach and pear with hints of red berries. It boasts a dry, lingering finish.

This Sparkling Brut is an excellent match for prawn toast, potato croquettes, and a touch of sunshine. Cue up some Bob Marley and soak it all in.


Made using the Charmat method, in which the secondary fermentation (the one that makes it bubbly) takes place in a pressurised tank. This is a method used in a lot of the more ‘everyday’ sparkling wines – the best example of which is Prosecco.


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