2022 Pet-Nat Merlot Rose


Adelaide Hills

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About the Wine

Organically grown (not certified), low yielding vineyard.  Machine harvested, no sulphur at picking to reduce colour pickup on its way to the winery.  Pressed immediately and settled overnight with some light solids taken at racking.  Long, cool ferment (14 degrees for almost three weeks) before rigorous monitoring of sugar level commenced.  Once the primary fermentation was at or below 16g/L residual sugar (very close to finished), the wine was bottled by hand under crown seal. Primary fermentation continued in the bottle to create the bubbles in the final wine, and the yeast responsible for this step were also trapped in the bottle.  Significant sediment in this wine demands decanting before serving to prevent foaming and gushing – and also to ensure the wine is enjoyed in its purest possible form with no chunks of yeast floating in it!

Tasting notes: Rhubarb and plums on the nose.  Dry palate, creamy bubbles. Finish is savoury, earthy, long and moreish.

Pair with…

Food: Sticky glazed BBQ duck with plum sauce

Film: La La Land

Tunes: Vampire Weekend – Holiday


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