2021 The Singularity (Skinsy Pinot Gros + Shiraz Rose Blend)


Granite Belt, QLD

A blend of skin contact Pinot Gris and Shiraz Rosé. Our first ‘vin Pêche’, because orange wine + pink wine = peach wine, right?

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About the Wine

A blend of two different wines, neither of which were complete on their own. 80% is Pinot Gris that was fermented on skins (it’s an orange wine) – some of this was kept on skins for three months post-ferment. 20% is Shiraz Rosé that was foot stomped by 300+ fans at our inaugural Rosé festival in the carpark at The Tivoli. Both parcels were basket pressed and matured in old French oak for six months. For a long time, these two parcels didn’t have a home. The Pinot Gris had great texture but was low on flavour; the Shiraz rosé was very dark but had good aromatics and flavour intensity. When married together, they are the definition of complementary! Sterile filtered and bottled into clear glass to show of its pretty colour. Blurs the line between savoury rosé and a chilled red.

(AI generated) The refreshing citrus and floral notes of Pinot Gris are seamlessly melded with the bright fruit flavours of Shiraz Rosé, resulting in a wine that is crisp, lively and utterly delicious. The Singularity is a celebration of the power of blending – a true embodiment of the idea that the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts. Enjoy with good company, and revel in the singularity of this unique and delightful blend.

“The Singularity” (also known as an “intelligence explosion”) refers to a hypothetical point in the future when Artificial Intelligence surpasses human intelligence and creates a superintelligence that neither it nor humans can control. With the recent developments in AI, The Singularity must surely now be closer than ever. Dave wanted to explore these themes with the packaging of this one-off wine and used the current AI tools to create both the label image and the tasting note on the back label of the wine. It’s intended to generate discussion and is not the beginning of a trend. Kris’ art is now an important part of our branding and will continue to develop the City Winery brand.


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